Almedalsveckan/Almedalen Week 2016, July 3rd - July 10th

The parliamentary parties each have a day in the week according to a rolling timetable. The parties’ days often begin with participation in early morning TV broadcasts and breakfast meetings. The parties usually hold their seminars in the morning, starting at 09.00.

The parties have all of Almedalen at their disposal on the day on which they are speaking. Many choose to organize different types of events during the day or in connection with the speech, which is often made at 19.00. On the concluding Sunday, the speech is held around midday.

In recent years, most of the events have been held Monday-Thursday. On those days, there are more than 400 events a day. The initial Sunday has increased in importance and more and more people are choosing to hold their events then. From Friday, the number of events decreases. 2011 was the first year with a 8-day Almedalen Week.

The majority of events are held in the area around Almedalen and the inner harbour. Donnersplats/Donnersgatan and the inner harbour have a limited number of sought-after sites for rent. In election years, the party representatives often make speeches in shoppingarea Östertorg, which is outside Österport.

Other co-organizers arrange events including early breakfast meetings, seminars, debates, hearings, speeches, lunch meetings, afternoon seminars, short programmes and networking events before and after the evening speeches.

Stiff competition but also opportunities
In 2015, 3465 events were arranged. An estimated 35 000 people took part. Everyone wants to disseminate information, debate issues important to their organisations, make contacts, form networks and generate media attention. This creates a challenging climate of competition but also great opportunities to hold rewarding meetings and make contacts.

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